Versatile and concise, brochures are a general term for a booklet or leaflet with information and images about a particular product, place, or service. They can serve as a small catalog or be used as a way to develop awareness for large, complex products. Think of them as an information beacon … in hard copy.

The Reserve on the Erie CanalThe Reserve brochure cover

This brochure is an 18-page booklet introducing a large, innovative housing development replete with amenities and a coveted location. This brochure served to build awareness, visibility, and interest for potential buyers.

When tasked to write a transcript for a promotional video, I repurposed much of the brochure’s verbiage. It worked beautifully.  Watch it here.




A detailed brochure complete with the home’s blueprint, community ammenities, and lifestyle descriptions accompanied each model home.

Hudson Townhome

Beresford Brownstone

Fairfax Patio Home

Finger Lakes Chamber of Commerce / Garcés Reid Design

This walk, hike, and bike guide is a 14.5 inch x 22 inch fold-out including maps, calendar, detailed hiking and biking guide, and general tourist highlights and information.