Awards add an unexpected glow to your organization along with exceptional, third-party credibility. Committing to an extensive application can feel risky due to the investment of time and resources. Regardless the outcome, organizations benefit from PR exposure and using the application process to identify and articulate their business practices, structure, culture and strategies. It’s like a self-imposed 360.

Rochester Business Ethics Award

Midnight Janitorial (Award recipient in small business category, 2008.)

I helmed the Midnight Janitorial award submission twice. The first earned them $10K in new clients due to the PR. But they wanted the award. Midnight Janitorial submitted the second year and won. They went on to win at the state and national levels. I wrote approximately 95 percent of the submission.

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Affordable Housing Finance Reader’s Choice Award

Conifer Realty / The Hamilton

The Hamilton is a gleaming success story of community collaboration, creativity, compassion and innovation. The significance of Conifer Realty’s outstanding accomplishments with this affordable housing project are remarkable when one realizes¬†The Hamilton has transformed a public housing site that, for decades, was defined by decay and despair. Today, The Hamilton is a home and a beacon of hope for its residents, the adjacent community, and their collective future.

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