I am Karen Marley, a copywriter who specializes in custom content creation for your company’s persuasive communications, employee engagement, client education, and website. I’ll bring focus to your ideas, share my creativity, and can help you stand apart from your competition.

KMwordsmith stands for two things:

1. Quality. Quality in client relationships. Quality in followers, friends, subscribers, clients, and network connections. Quality in work.

2. People. Effective content is read content. Businesses don’t read…people do.

Part I: Unembellished

With more than fifteen years of experience interpreting products, accomplishments, ideas, and services I know how to write content that engages, educates, and persuades. You get a unique package of skills: a journalist’s aptitude for researching, interviewing, and reporting combined with the content marketer’s understanding of strategy, audience, stories, and tools.

Part II: The Scenic Route

While identifying and developing upper-level educational programs for my employer during graduate school I discovered my passion for using communications, content marketing, and teamwork to help an organization amplify its message and mission. As the sole proprietor for KMwordsmith, I translate that passion into marketing and communication services that have enhanced my clients’ brand identity, credibility, and purpose.

The power of words has always intrigued me. Truly effective writing is all about relevancy to the reader. It comes down to this; know and respect your audience.

After living in France for a year, getting a B.A. in Political Science from UC Irvine, and an M.S. in Environmental Science from SUNY-ESF, I went into museum education. The job required loads of writing for an exciting, diverse audience  – professionals, colleagues, children, teachers, families, even teenagers.

While working at Turtle Bay Exploration Park, an interdisciplinary place-based museum, I served as the editor for a downtown revitalization newsletter. Where my background in science taught objectivity and research skills, the articles demanded journalism. The newsletter allowed me to work directly with local businesses to help increase their visibility while establishing a revenue source for the parent organization.

These experiences delivered a highly practical, albeit, non-traditional path to business and custom content writing. I had developed a reputation for producing creative, succinct copy that garnered results.


Still reading?

Karen riding her horse Mela

karen-jumps-2015I grew up in Paso Robles, CA, lived in Grenoble, France; Skaneateles, NY; Newport Beach, CA; Redding, CA; Rochester, NY; and currently live and love Littleton, CO. I’ve traveled across Europe, Scandinavia, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Dominica, Mexico, Canada, and our own stunning United States (special shoutout to Montana, Yosemite, and the Grand Canyon)!

Happiness is any moment on a horse or pair of skis (or mountain bike, trail, beach…). Better yet, simply being with my two fantastic boys and husband. Peace out and carpe diem.