Some Answers.

Q. Need material to develop a content marketing system?

A. Most content projects can be repurposed for other uses and integrated for online and traditional strategies. Just one of many reasons why investing in content is a good value.

Q. Have an idea for a specific item to plug into the strategy you already have in place?

A. You just need someone to cut to the chase and get the job done. Keep in mind, a good writer will also assess your project to make sure it’s a good choice for your objectives.

Q. Can’t afford the time to delegate a writing project to your in-house staff?

A. A survey conducted by WhitePaperSource revealed it takes in-house staff approximately three to five times longer to finish a project than their independent counterparts. Add it up (all of it, including benefits and loss-of-time on other tasks). Which is the more cost-effective answer?

Q. Want a writer who can produce persuasive copy readers find engaging and relevant?

A. Many people can write. Less can write well. Only a few have the ability to link ideas together in long copy and articulate them in a way readers finds interesting.

More FAQ’s :

Q. I need someone who understands my industry in order to write persuasive B2B content targeting our customers. Shouldn’t my writer be an industry expert?

A. Yes and no. Unless your customer or prospect (a CFO, CEO, a layperson, salesperson, etc.) has the same technical expertise you do then you need a different approach. What you need is someone who can interpret your industry and benefits into copy your target person will understand and find compelling. Typically, that individual is NOT your technical expert. Bringing in an outside writer forces you to articulate exactly what your product or service is about. A good writer will ask you challenging questions during the interview and find the unique angle that sets you apart while staying authentic to your brand. Consider this aspect, if you can’t explain it to your writer how will you explain it to your prospect? You should, however, make your technical expert available for the writer interview.

Q. Why can’t I just have copy that appeals to everyone? Doesn’t that make it easy?

A. Yes. Easy for you but at the expense of the reader. IT Specialists don’t have the same problems CFO’s have. Managers require different solutions than salespeople. No one wants to sift through material that isn’t relevant or interesting to them.

Q. Isn’t it more efficient to find prospects who are already searching for a solution? Why should I spend my money on educating them or developing awareness?

A. Purchase cycles are longer and decision makers use the appropriate content during the purchase cycle to make their decision. This means by the time a prospect is ready to buy, chances are they’ve been receiving helpful information and guidance from one of your competitors. Helpful, free information builds trust and rapport. When the prospect is ready to buy who will close the sale? Not the company new to the scene!

Q. Why should I hire a business writer when I can pay cheaper rates from a content farm? Everyone seems to be drowning in content, so it shouldn’t command much cost to produce.

A. If your content strategy is only about quantity, go for it! If you want content that highlights your company’s unique attributes and offerings while connecting with your ideal prospect you need a professional writer. In other words, if your company is unique you need unique content. If you want written communications to connect with your prospects’ persona and worldviews you need a professional business writer…not a commodity word producer.

Q. Why are some writers more expensive than others?

A. It’s based on value and experience. A good writer knows their craft, is familiar with the tried-and-true, and works hard to stay up-to-date on marketing trends and fresh approaches. They should be able to help you maximize the value of the piece they write for you. Material filled with high quality content will pay for itself many times over. Good writers know this and charge accordingly. My rates are based on the project, not the hour. This eliminates all concerns over time spent on a particular project. I also put together a Terms of Agreement that carefully outlines the deliverables so both parties feel more comfortable.

Q. How can I identify a good writer?

A. They will ask you questions about your target audience, objectives, obstacles, product/service and goals. They will follow a definitive process and be willing to explain it to you. Different projects require different methodologies. Content writers are a special breed. They have the talent, training, and analytical skills necessary to achieve the delicate balance between providing the interest and hype-free solutions readers demand and positioning the client as the logical answer. Finally, a really good writer has the integrity to let you know if your project isn’t a good match for their abilities.

Q: How do I get in touch with you so we can discuss my project and your process? 

A. Easy! Call me at 585.266.4818 or send me an email,  Alternatively, you can use the Contact form.