Blog posts comes in all forms: Q & A, informative, case studies, anecdotal, anthologies, descriptive, soft sell, and ghost writing. They are ideal places to test new ideas, create drafts for white papers or booklets, and show off your industry chops.

Beyond Teal: Perspectives

Beyond Teal marries practical, gritty leadership advice with deep, philosophical musings. As the primary writer, it is my responsibility to interview the content expert and tie it together in a way that supports and respectfully provokes the reader. Here are a few examples:

Making It Real: A Leadership Challenge
Quick Quiz: What Color Are Your Choices?
The Responsibility of Followership
What Happens When You Get What You Want? (or Success Beyond Success)
Running Late? Stop It.
Teal Organizational Readiness Assessment: Try It!


 Logical Images: Skinsight

The following are a small excerpt of the many, regular blog entries I wrote over a two and a half year period with Logical Images. I worked through an agency but communicated directly with Logical Images. Many posts involved interviewing physicians and turning their insights into material suitable for a lay person reader. Others are personal stories featuring a particular condition. These were written in a way to reflect the interviewee’s own voice.

Linea Negra, or the Dark Line of Pregnancy
Colorful Terms for Dry Skin
Exfoliants & Emolliants Part I: Weeding Your Way through The Marketplace
Malignant Melanoma – How I Saved My Life


Phenix Branding: The Feral Life

Phenix Branding LogoAn avid outdoorsman and visionary branding expert, The Feral Life reflects a blog that combines rugged topics with business strategy and development.

Talk. Talk. Talk. Stop Talking. Starting Communicating.
Master the Squat
Getting By is Bull5#!7!