Articles showcase the bedrock of knowledge within an organization. Collectively, they establish the voice, style, and personality of a business’s brand while being the workhorse for a range of content marketing plans.

Paychex publishes a regular series of educational articles to its Knowledge Center known as “Paychex Worx.” These pieces cover HR trends, best practices, and compliance for business owners and HR professionals.

Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace
Employee Recognition: Creative Ideas for Any Business
How Professional Training and Development Can Make Your Business Stronger
How to Adapt and Retain Talent in the COVID-19 Workplace

Community Health Magazine features topics highlighting all aspects of health and wellness. Professional profiles, how-to, and informative pieces are part of the editorial scope.

A Spoonful of Optimism
Human Nature. Reconnecting with Nature is the Wellness Reboot You Need.
Safety Vs. Stigma: the HPV Vaccine
Meet the Doctor Who is Mastering the Mind
Do You Have Sleep Drunkenness Disorder?
Urgent Care vs. the Emergency Room
Understand OCD
Get Fit the Functional Way

As the primary writer for DesignNY since 2008, I write an average of 7-15 articles per annual publication.  These do not include the numerous articles written for specific websites or blogs.

Modern. History. 
Timeless White
Heart and Hardiness
Sculpting a Park Avenue Experience
Kitchen Meditations
Ray of Light
A Sustainable, Elegant Lodge … Naturally

Timber Home Living and its sister online publication, is the go-to resource for timber framing, post & beam homes, and the cabin lifestyle.

Beauty & Purpose: Reclaiming Montana’s Timber Lifestyle Heritage
Opposite Attraction: Refined North Carolina Home Proves Opposites Attract
Cabin Style Study: Big Sur
Spend the Night in a Conestoga Wagon

Outdoor Project is a rapidly expanding brand and comprehensive online resource for outdoor adventure, travel, and advice. Updated blog posts, articles, and adventure reviews are posted here.

Providing helpful, easy-to-read, transparent information is an innovative approach in the field of B2B insurance consulting. CIC wanted a series of online articles to establish it as a source of go-to, timely information.

Gaps In Your Borrower’s Insurance Policy? Your Loss.
4 Things to Ask Your Insurance Broker
5 Overlooked Ways Your Borrowers’ Protection Needs are Changing