9 Article Openers to Smash Writer’s Block

About 60,100,000. That’s the number of responses for a Google search on “procrastination.”

You don’t even have to include “overcome” or “stop.” The internet knows what you’re doing.

Procrastination is just another version of writer’s block. You have an idea, but delay writing about it because you feel stuck. However, once you crack the opener, a beautiful thing happens. Words flow. Structure and organization take shape. Energy and focus bloom.

How do you get from writer’s block to the latter … faster?

You bypass getting stuck at the start. Here are nine article openers to help you break the grip of writer’s block and grab a reader’s attention. After that, the rest is up to you.

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Underutilized Writing Tools That Can Help You Self-Edit Your Work

What they are and how they can improve your prose.

We’ve all been there. You write something and find the descriptions sound flat, the flow isn’t as smooth as you’d like, or you just feel stuck. At this juncture, having the right tools and knowing when to use them is critical for elevating your work out of mediocrity.

When it comes to tools, you have an overwhelming array of options. The following (mostly free) self-editing tools are all powerhouses and many of them are underutilized. Make that your advantage! From idea conception to final revisions, they will give you the focused guidance you need to transform your prose into something polished, professional, and remarkable.

Idea Generation

The first stage where writers flex their editing muscle is during the process of selecting which ideas merit their time and attention. A well-stocked idea pool is a good resource to have. For one filled with interesting possibilities, consider using sources that specialize in the odd and peculiar for unexpected inspiration.

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