KMwordsmith is me, Karen Marley, a power operation of one person. This setup gives you clean communication and direct discussions with your business writer (me) about your needs and concerns.

Some other details:

  • Fees are determined by the project . Contact me for estimates.
  • One half of the project fee is due up-front.
  • All fees quoted include two rewrites (if necessary). Additional rewrites will be based on an hourly rate.
  • If a project is terminated, writer is entitled to full payment of invested hours.
  • Rush jobs incur a 20% additional charge.
  • Fresh enthusiasm, a positive attitude, and reliability come standard with every project.

Oh, yes. Some FAQ’s.

Need material to develop content marketing system?

Have an idea for a specific item to plug into the strategy you already have in place?

Can’t afford the time it would take your in-house staff?

Want a writer who can produce persuasive copy readers find engaging and relevant?

You may recognize these from the home page. Answers to these and more are available here.

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