Does Your Marketing Have These Persuasive Basics?



A couple of months ago my fifth grader came home with an assignment. The directions read, “Create a thoughtful, one page advertisement in color that shows the dangers of smoking.” The instructions provided a list of items the ad had to include.

You may find yourself dismissing a grade school assignment as a mild amusement. After all, it’s the stuff of childhood nostalgia — lunch room antics, art projects, chalk dust and the unadulterated joy of summer vacation. Let me assure you, it’s much more.

The need for marketing efforts to succeed runs high. Knowing the basics of persuasive strategy isn’t an ought-to-know…it’s a must.  It’s astonishing just how much money is spent on material that fails to make the grade. Is your company producing B grade marketing? If you want to ensure your efforts are worthy of an A be sure your piece has: Continue reading Does Your Marketing Have These Persuasive Basics?

Do This One Thing to Improve Your Blog Post Content

Have you ever watched a sports team dominate a game? Star players are important but it’s the collective effort of the individuals working fluidly together towards a common goal that delivers the win. Content operates the same way. Strong writing is the star player but the win won’t happen without the contributions of good design. And both writing and design must work together to achieve readability.

Today I’m going to focus on the readability of a specific type of content; blog posts. Blog posts get the spotlight because of the  explosion of their popularity in the past few years. Moreover, with an increasing number of businesses and individuals realizing the power of content through blogging for professional and personal gain the ability to create winning posts is more important and competitive than ever.

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How to Revive Your Creativity

Just Full Of Ideas

Ugh. I hope you can relate. Just when the Halloween candy was finally starting to go away, a wave of Girl Scout cookies hit our pantry. And of course I ordered plenty of boxes telling myself that it’s supporting a good cause. We finished the last of the thin mints…just in time for…the abundance of Thanksgiving! Not sure about you but after this I still have to navigate through cookie parties, gingerbread houses, and mugs of eggnog.

Of course the snowy weather that plans to descend on us only encourages one to stay tucked inside the office, cozy and warm, with tasty snacks on hand. A couple extra cookies, days spent inside…this behavior can drain your brain of its creativity and quietly sabotage your productivity.

Sometimes it’s the smallest things that make the biggest difference. Continue reading How to Revive Your Creativity