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Grupo AvanceGrupo Avance

Grupo Avance is a highly skilled firm specializing in helping U.S. companies move into and establish a successful presence in Latin America or reach the Hispanic population inside the U.S. Additionally, they offer a powerful language translation service. Grupo Avance needed content that could clearly and concisely explain their services and points of differentiation to business leaders who often feel enthusiastic but overwhelmed at the idea of expansion.

University of Rochester Medical Center

Clinical Trials

Working with the Center for Community Health the entire Clinical Trials website was rewritten to reflect a friendlier tone and be more informative to potential and current participants. 

Strong Memorial Hospital

Strong Memorial Hospital reconstructed, reconceived, and rewrote their website to emphasize a patient- and family-centered approach to care.

About Us

Philosophy of Care

Patient- and Family-Centered Care

Patient Advisory Council

Services and Ammenities

Our History

Our Leadership

Commercial Insurance Consultants, Inc. CIC_Logo

Commercial Insurance Consultants (CIC) wanted a complete redo of their entire website. This one was designed and written to reflect CIC’s innovative approach to the field of insurance consulting while positioning them as a source of go-to, up-to-date information.

The complex information is distilled to a combination of short informative summaries and longer, article style pages. This approach serves the need for the B2B decision-maker who is doing his or her due diligence and research for this important decision.

Benefit Representatives of Americaben reps of america

Benefit Representatives of America provide services in a highly competitive field. They wanted to market their differentation while maintaining a respectful, professional demeanor towards their competition. While the differentiating message is threaded throughout the site, we emphasized this benefit-rich selling point on About Us  and Why Work with Us. An emotional appeal is emphasized on the page Why Representation.  The Home Page is organized to highlight blog posts that the company writes internally.


Marcelita’s CookiesMarcelitas Cookies

This nationally known, gourmet cookie maker wanted a website that emphasized the high end quality of their product and enterprise. In particular, they provide an exceptional service for corporate gifting, which requires information and a persuasive sell. Testimonials were added throughout the site to emphasize third-party credibility.

Spice Sherpa

Spice Sherpa is a traditional blog that has expanded into a website presentation. Its goal is a large volume of custom, high-quality content with a consistent voice to attract loyal readers and capture the attention of the casual web surfer looking for interesting food related content.