Sell Sheets

Traditionally, sell sheets are straight-forward listings of prices and specs on a particular product. These days sell sheets infuse the power of narrative and copy to appeal to the reader.

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The company overview is on the first page. There are three versions of the back page; each is specific to the company’s three key service areas.

Front: CIC Overview

Back: Lender Review

Back: Outsourced Risk Management

Back: Workers’ Compensation

Anthony J. Costello & Son DevelopmentAJC

The Reserve on the Erie Canal

Individual sell sheets serve as a guide for each model:

Hudson Front-Back-FlapHudson inside spread-flapView PDF of the Hudson townhome.

View PDF of the Beresford brownstone.

View PDF of the Huntingdon duplex.

View PDF of the Fairfax patio home.


Pinpoint Positioning: SchoolWorld

Video On Demand

The Video On Demand Module increases interest in your website and helps staff achieve greater time efficiency. By using this module you have the ability to feature pre-recorded events on your school’s website. Board meetings, athletics, band concerts, and interviews are all possible with this module.

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Unify Communications
Multiple buildings. A large campus. A remote administrative office. Schools have clamored for a platform to share information online in a controlled and reliable environment. The EduCenter Module from SchoolWorld delivers a private website for all of your district’s internal communications.

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Policy Now

A Goliath
How big is your district’s policy manual? How many binders? One school estimated that if they stacked up all their policy manuals and revisions made in just one year, they would have a paper tower two hundred feet high! That’s why SchoolWorld created the Policy Now Module, providing instant access to school policies with the ability to make changes quickly and easily.

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Access the complete list of SchoolWorld sell sheets.