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Community Health Magazine is a quarterly publication for members of health insurance groups. Newletters are customized to the distribution list. I write 5-8 articles per issue. 

Ontario County Employee Wellness

Rochester Area School Health Plan

Finger Lakes Area School Health Plan

Zoom: VisualDx Insights for Health Professionals. Published by Logical Images

Editor Spotlight

Lynn Mckinley-Grant, MD, is a welcomed addition to the Logical Images Editorial Team. In addition to practicing internal medicine and dermatology at Georgetown University Hospital, Dr. Mckinley-Grant is a Clinical Associate Professor at the Georgetown University Department of Medicine. She is one of two senior editors currently working on the next book in the VisualDX Essential Dermatology series, VisualDx: Essential Dermatology in Pigmented Skin.

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The Downtown Spotlight

The Downtown Spotlight is a quarterly published by Viva Downtown: A Main Street Organization. I was the Editor-in-Chief and responsible for editorial themes, reviews, filler text, sidebars, and wrote the occasional feature. 

Viva” literally means to come alive, which is exactly what Viva Downtown Redding, a vivacious community group, envisions for downtown Redding. You actually may already be quite familiar with some of this group’s work. Viva Downtown Redding started out six years ago as a support group for the popular downtown event…

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