For health and wellness brands looking for content that inspires, excites, informs, and cares.

For hospitals and health care centers developing communication materials that respect patients, families, and their medical care teams.

For medical technology companies that want to differentiate, engage, and connect with physicians, hospital administrators, patients, and other healthcare decision-makers.


URMC Health Research and Clinical Trials

Working with the Center for Community Health the entire Clinical Trials website was rewritten to reflect a friendlier tone and be more informative to potential and current participants. The marketing objective is to increase community involvement in health research and increase the utilization of the URMC registry.

URMC Strong Memorial Hospital

Strong Memorial Hospital (SMH) reconstructed their website to emphasize an empathy-driven, patient- and family-centered approach to care (PFCC). Strong has invested considerable effort into establishing PFCC practices and behaviors among staff, families, and patients and wanted their website to be an extension of their efforts and brand.


This quarterly publication is tailored to a client’s distribution list. Editorial features cover all things related to health and wellness. 

Human Nature. Reconnecting with Nature is the Wellness Reboot You Need
Fitness Spotlight: Iyengar Yoga
Ontario County Employee Wellness
Rochester Area School Health Plan
Finger Lakes Area School Health Plan
Armstrong Indiana


Zoom: VisualDx Insights for Health Professionals Newsletter

Zoom is the newsletter published by Logical Images targeting healthcare administrative professionals and dermatologists. Readers have varying levels of familiarity with dermatology.

Southern Tier Health Care Systems

Community Health Magazine features topics highlighting all aspects of health and wellness. Issues are regionally and client specific. This special, single-run issue was customized for Southern Tier Health Care Systems. 


Skinsight Mohs Learning Series

The Mohs Learning Series is a series of five sequential articles written to educate and familiarize the lay audience on the role and value of Mohs surgery and skin cancer. As the writer, I worked closely with medical experts to translate their knowledge into a guide that is understandable and engaging to the target reader.

Skinsight SkinMatters Blog

SkinMatters provides an informative skin resource for a lay audience. During my two years as the primary writer, I regularly interviewed nationally-acclaimed dermatologists then interpreted their information into friendly, informative articles. Because each article was by-lined by the physician, I was careful to retain their personality and careful explanations. I also interviewed non-professional individuals who had personal experience with a specific skin condition and shared their story. Additionally, I conducted research and wrote basic, introductory summary articles on various skin conditions. Articles were reviewed by the physician and a medical editorial board. Post examples include:

Linea Negra, or the Dark Line of Pregnancy
Exfoliants and Emollients Part I: Weeding Your Way through The Marketplace
Malignant Melanoma – How I Saved My Life

Direct Mail

Seniorsfirst Kirkhaven: Telehealth Annual Appeal



“Karen was a pleasure to work with. We engaged her to write and edit web pages dedicated to health research and she did a superb job. She has a clear and concise writing style – perfect for the web – and was able to communicate at a level appropriate to our audience. Her research was thorough, the presentation of information was logical and accurate, and she delivered copy on deadline. I would welcome the opportunity to work with her again!”

Gwenn Voelckers, Director of Health Communications at URMC


“It was a pleasure working with Karen on rewriting our hospital website. Her thoughtfulness and passion about providing our patients and their families with important information about their hospital stay, resulted in a comprehensive final product.”

Jackie Beckerman, Director of Office of The Strong Commitment at URMC


“Working with Karen is great. Her work is consistently excellent.  She has been a great partner for generating web content and more.  Even better, Karen does thorough research about topics she is asked to write about and it is always evident in her writing.”

Jeremy Ventura, Communication Specialist at Logical Images


“You really found the nuance in delivering the telehealth benefits for our annual appeal. I must say that I appreciate your work ethic and enjoy working with you all the more. You’re one of ‘my things I’m thankful for this Thanksgiving!'”

Jean Pope Boyle, Director of Development of Seniorsfirst Communities & Services