Case Studies / Success Stories

AIG Private Client Group Case Study

Full Exposure: A Financial Advisor and His Client Correct a Common Oversight in Financial Management

How did someone who, despite working closely with a talented financial advisor, have several million dollars of exposed assets? This situation is more common than you think.

Bob Focazio’s lifestyle is similar to many high net worth Americans. He often travels with his family. He enjoys an expensive hobby and volunteers by serving on a board of directors. In addition to his earning potential, he has approximately $4 million in assets wrapped up in property such as home, jewelry, and collectibles, plus a well-managed, diversified portfolio handled by his financial advisor. One year ago it was all at risk.

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Sales Sense Solutions

Madeline’s Catering: How a Small Business Increased Sales During the Economic Downturn

During the recession Madeline’s Catering experienced solid, sustained growth. For an industry considered non-essential in the eyes of consumers this is a remarkable accomplishment. Here’s their story.

Madeline’s Catering is a full-service caterer in Rochester, NY and the in-house service provider for ArtisanWorks, a popular, creative site for special events. In addition to ArtisanWorks Madeline’s Catering relies on outside sales to maintain business.

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Whitney East, Inc.

This design build company wanted a series of success stories highlighting projects to use as portfolio inserts. Projects varied from private, Whitney East Portfolio Sheetsmunicipal, and commercial.

Robert McComsey Career Development Center

Before becoming an award winning building, WEI started with a structural shell that sat crumbling and neglected for over forty years.  Renovations included pointing up the stonework, replacing every window and piecing together thousands of sections of stonework.


Nicknamed “the castle,” the structure had a bold and architecturally unique exterior that utilized over 8000 types of local rock.  WEI paid special attention to construct an interior that complimented the castle’s outer appearances while accommodating the demands of a state-of-the-art office building.

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