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You’re busy but appreciate helpful information. I have helpful information for you. 

Where there’s commerce there’s content. It’s marketing currency circulating through the Internet, social networks, mailboxes (virtual and real), magazines, booklets, newspapers, radio and television. On behalf of my clients, I’m always researching, interviewing, and gathering data on current trends as well as the latest best practices for content marketing and communications. But I wanted to do more.

That’s why I launched a free newsletter: Really Useful Content: Practical Strategies to Attract and Retain Customers. 

Issues are sent out once a month. Content is distilled into a quick read, usually taking about five minutes. When you sign up for Really Useful Content you’ll also receive Capturing Quality Prospects: Reference Guide & Tracking Tool for Your Communication Strategies. 

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 About the Reference Guide

Let’s face it. People are weary and leery of traditional mass marketing that bombards them with names and features. You know your products are great but if you’ve ever grown frustrated because your prospects just don’t seem to “get it” this guide will help.

“I always enjoy reading Really Useful Content. It’s well-written, to the point, and relative to what I do. Now Karen’s come up with an awesome technique to cultivate and track prospects through the selling cycle with tangible ways to manage the process.  It’s a real hands-on, practical tool that can be immediately put to use. I like it and use it.

Glen Cone, AXA Advisors

This easy-to-use guide contains:

  1. A simple infographic of the purchase cycle and which tools work across the purchase cycle.
  2. An organizer to track quality prospects through the purchase cycle.
  3. A menu highlighting 14 different touch points.
  4. 8 channels to repurpose your content and suggestions on how to do it.

“Great guide! Thanks for sharing the useful content…which is the point, right?! I definitely plan to share this with my colleagues.”

Dean LoBrutto, The Entrepreneur Authority Consulting Group

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