Midnight Janitorial

Midnight Janitorial is a small, upward-moving company. The CEO recognizes the value in a persistent public relations campaign but her staff’s day-to-day demands of running the company did not leave any room to effectively pursue marketing goals. So she sought help.

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AIG, Private Client Group

Come back soon to read a case study on using a case study. Sound confusing? It’s not. Learn how a high-profile client used a case study to generate leads, educate their clients on their services, and save time. You can do this for your business too!

Prior to meeting with Karen and discussing the use of a case study to communicate how our firm could provide services to trusted advisors, we simply wrote pitch letters and followed up with telephone calls. Our primary goal is to schedule advisor meetings where we could verbally tell our story. The case study Karen wrote does a lot of that work for us and gives us something to talk about during that first telephone call. Advisors and clients who take a quick look at the case study see key items  jump off the page that really apply to them; this invites them to read more. Karen designed a document layout that is very pleasing to the eye and is not an overwhelming piece for a reader to tackle. With one flashy case study, I know I have a good chance of getting the audience’s attention. This was recently confirmed at a financial advisor conference I attended where the case study was handed out in informational packets. I had one financial advisor say to me in a later meeting, “The (case study) insert that you provided really resonated with me and my business.  I can see how your risk management services will compliment my firm’s offerings”.

My new goal is to send out a case study mailing to my financial advisor prospects every quarter in an effort to increase awareness of what personal risk management is and how my company can help provide these services to advisors and their clients. Thank you Karen, you’ve made my job a little bit easier!

Gina Teresi, Vice President of Marketing and Sales
AIG Private Client Group

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